Dream and desire to bring a revolution

JOLLY APP is driven by a team which has a dream and desire to bring a revolution in the customer service industry. Our team members are highly passionate about what they do. They have a clear sense of purpose and commitment towards both business and social progress. Our team consists of experienced Software Engineers & Developers, UI/UX Designers, Digital Marketing Analysts, AI Chatbot Developers, etc who are helping in building JOLLY APP.

Mr. Umesh Kumar Agarwal
Founder & CEO

Marketing & consumer behaviour has always been my passion, after completing my Masters in Marketing from U.K. I joined my family business of FMCG products as head of marketing. With my 14 years of experience in business I have learnt that it’s all about how you connect to your consumers. My focus has always been on consumer demand and consumer behaviour. I have always been passionate about how to meet consumer expectations and fulfil them to maximum limit possible. I know it for a fact that, if a consumer expectation is met, they are going to become loyal towards that brand. This gave me the ideas of creating JOLLY APP, a platform which will bridge the gap between the brands and its consumers.

Mr. Shayantan Majumder
Director Operations

Business development has always been my fortay. Served companies of high repute in developing their business and getting products widely accepted. With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, revolving around technology and business, I have learnt to understand the consumer behaviour. I always wanted to do something challenging, unorthodox and purely dependent upon a concept which would simplify the digital life of the people. I saw my desires fulfilling when I got the opportunity to develop JOLLY APP from a concept to a full bloom app.

Mr. Joydeep Banerjee
Product Development Head

8-10 years of technical experience spans across multiple domains including mobile, consulting different client accross globe. holds an MCA in Computer Science He loves traveling, cricket and poker.

I disheartened by failure and treats them as learning opportunities instead. Loves to read technical journal. Deeply interested in studying latest technical activities,


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